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Claire Tuck

With 15 years working within the fitness industry my knowledge and experience is second to none. I have a huge passion for helping clients towards their goals, whether that be managing the stairs more easily at home or competitively taking part in fitness events. 

It has always been a goal of mine to run classes and training sessions from the comfort of my own studio, to give clients somewhere they can come and focus on their training and not have to worry about other gym users hanging around and watching. Training is easiest when you are relaxed and ultimate fitness certainly provides the space and community support for that. 

I run a range of classes, something to suit everyone but my main focus is always strength within the movements we make. When you build strength, you build confidence and we’re all after that. 

One thing I’ve grown to love over the years is the fun and laughter of an obstacle course. Each year we build a team, I work with them on skills to help tackle the obstacles and ultimately, we all end up waist high in mud together on an obstacle mud run. Brilliant fun and something to base our training on. 

I am a qualified sports massage therapist, nutritionist, group exercise instructor and personal trainer. I love using my skills to work with my personal training clients on a one-to-one basis and it is so rewarding helping them work towards their weight loss and/or fitness goals. 
Within this industry I have made some fantastic friends and look forward to meeting new faces at Ultimate Fitness.

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